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Let's Look at a Japanese SAKE Label with Penchin!
Page 6.
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Well... so, how about ARU-TEN?

Now, I feel it's not so bad,
but many people hate it. However

...And now, we have a special guest
to find out the easy way!
Please come in!

He is a passing stranger!

Hey, say howdy to him!

Hi, I'm Penchin. Nice to mee



A penguin whom...
...I met before had a terrible
hangover and stench.
He made me feel sick...
I hate you!

↑This is only one example!!

No No No No No No

Th... Th...
There are also nice penguins that
don't smell like that...
It just happened that that penguin was

Er...Now, Penchin will be "ARU-TEN" and
the other guy is an "ARU-TEN hater."
This kind of conversation is often heard.
I recommend to try various types of SAKE.

Here! I don't smell, do I ?!


It shouldn't be limited to ARU-TEN...

Aha! You don't!
Looking closely, you look kinda cute...?
...Nice to meet you too.


Good for you.
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